10 Simple Points For IEO Application On ABCC Hive

What will help in making your application a success

Want to do an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for your token on ABCC Hive? You have made the right choice! Here are a few tips that you can take note to help us to help you.

How To Apply
Point 1: All applications have to be submitted via the application form. Any applications submitted via other channels will be considered invalid

Point 2: Every question in the form is for us to do a comprehensive review of your project. Please answer each question with as much important information as you can

Point 3: We require key appointment holders in the company i.e C-suite Executives to be the ones applying. Reason being we need a fast response in the event of any unexpected developments (hard forks, bugs etc.) Fast recovery is crucial to maintaining a good reputation- For both us and you

Note: Naturally, only projects considered to have strong fundamentals after review will have their application moved forward. If your project is accepted, we will get back to you within 10 working days.

What May Help You
Point 4: Having promoted or continuing to promote ABCC Exchange to your community

Point 5: Your project has raised or intends to raise funds in AT

Point 6: Your project has incorporated or intends to incorporate AT tokens into the project ecosystem

What NOT To Do 
Point 7: Do not announce that you are doing an IEO on ABCC until final confirmation from us. Pending confirmation, you may announce that application to ABCC is in progress, but nothing more

Point 8: Do not constantly ask for a status update on your application, especially within 10 working days of your application

Project Evaluation
We assess projects based on a number of factors, with a focus on the fundamentals of the project. Our writer wrote an opinion piece on evaluating projects. You may read it for some insights.

Below are a few pointers we take into account when it comes to evaluation

Point 9: Focus on building a product that has an actual use case and in building a large user base that has a strong need for the product (notice the emphasis on the user)

Point 10: The working relationship with the project is part of the evaluation. Instances where the ABCC team has to chase you for an update will be viewed unfavourably, as does any unprofessional behaviour

Wrapping It Up

As an exchange that prides itself on providing a secure and seamless trading experience for its users, you can look forward to a smooth IEO process with ABCC Exchange.

While we hope that these 10 points helped you gain clarity on what will help in the listing process, they are not to be taken as hard and fast rules. If you find that your project brings great value to the community, please proceed to apply here.

We look forward to your application

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