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Hi Everyone,

Recently we introduced our new referral program to you (If you have not signed up, you can do so here) The main aim of the referral program is to make it accessible for everyone and to maximize the commissions that you earn as you refer more people to ABCC Exchange.

With that in mind, this post is a simple guide to share more about how you can earn more commission depending on your situation and the details of the referral program.

Getting Started- What You Need To Know

Before participating in the referral program, it is important to know the following points below regarding the referral program.

  • All referred users must be registered users of ABCC Exchange
  • Users who just joined will receive a 15-day window in the Silver Tier, after which tier placements will be dependent on the accumulated trading volume of referred users.
  • After the 15-day window, users who do not meet the basic tier requirements will be removed from the referral program
  • Users are required to sign-up with the referrer’s referral link for the referral to be considered as valid referrals
  • Transaction fees generated by referred users will not count towards AT rewards for the referee, in the event the referee is an AT holder

The following table shows the referral tier levels that is dependent mainly on the trading volume of referred users in total.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s talk about earning from commission!

Two Streams Of Commission

Under the ABCC referral program, you can receive commission from not one, but two sources (yes, you read that right). To illustrate this, we will be using a hypothetical example.

Let us assume you are under the platinum tier based on the total trading volume of your referred users. This is one source of your commission income. Under this tier you receive 70% of trading fees incurred by your referred users.

Let us now assume that one of the users you referred, Bob, wants to become a referee himself. However, Bob does not meet the requirement of the basic tier, but still wants to earn commission.

To tackle this, Bob can use your referral code to invite these traders to ABCC Exchange and earn a commission by entering into an agreement with you. For this degree two referral, both Bob and yourself will receive 70% commission in total, based on the Platinum Tier. How this 70% commission will be split between the both of you will be decided based on the terms both of you agreed on.

In this case, if you agree with Bob to take 30% of the commission, from now on you will receive 30% commission from the trading fees of Bob’s referred users, while Bob receives 40%. This is in addition to the commission you are already earning from Bob’s trading fees.

You can find a visual representation of the example through the simple flowchart below.

Payment Details

Here are a few additional details you should take note of regarding the referral program:

  1. Commission will be distributed weekly, at the end of the week
  2. Users that move up a tier will have their commission rates changed accordingly the following day
  3. At any point in time you can check on the trading volume of your referred users and the referral tier that you are in

Wrapping It Up

If you know of many Crypto traders, especially traders that carry out trades frequently, the ABCC referral program is a great way for you to earn commission! The key to maximizing your commission is both the number of users referred and the trading volume of referred users.

If you find that you only have one aspect, you can still take part in the referral program by partnering with a current referee and share in the commission received.

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