ABCC 2.0- Latest Developments

What has been done and what to expect next 

Hi Everyone,

With only two months left till the end of this year, we want to update you on the developments of our exchange since announcing our new direction in ABCC 2.0 as well as what you can expect from us in the near-term. 

Read on to learn more!

Recent Developments So Far

The team has been hard at work the past few months, from developing new features to our marketing efforts and designing new campaigns that are attractive for you. 

New AT Features
First off, we have new features for AT token holders! At the start of October, AT tokens holders have started enjoying the new platform features. The more AT you hold, the greater the benefits you enjoy. 

Current features AT holders enjoy are as follows. For more details, read the article “Live Now- AT New Features”

  • AT Trading Discount
  • Weekly ABCC Quests
  • New Listing Airdrops
  • Reward Multiplier Program

Are you an AT token holder? You can expect more AT token features in the future! In the meantime, you can buy AT.

Focused Liquidity On Key Trading Pairs
A key part of our new direction is to focus on “Quality over quantity”. 

One main feedback from our users has been the lack of liquidity when it comes to trading certain tokens. To rectify this, we have started delisting tokens that have little to no liquidity and directing our resources towards key trading pairs. 

This does not mean that we are no longer listing tokens. On the contrary, we will be listing tokens that have stronger liquidity for you to have a better trading experience. 

However, this is not an immediate process and liquidity will be worked on starting from the key trading pairs, one trading pair at a time.  

Vietnam and Russia Expansion
As shared a few months ago, we have decided to expand into the Vietnam and Russia market. Market expansion into both countries has been going on for a month and is currently ongoing. 

Vietnam Community Partnerships and Airdrops
For the Vietnam market, it is our pleasure to have partnered with a few local communities and carried out airdrop campaigns for their communities. 

We partnered with Coin98 and Blogtienao, two popular Crypto publications in the Vietnam market for the community airdrops. 

In addition to airdrops, ABCC hosted two Coinfetti events on our own Vietnam Telegram group and the VBC telegram group, a Vietnam Crypto group.  

ABCC Russia Bitcointalk
We have our Russian Bitcointalk thread now! Besides our Telegram channels where users can forward any problems to our community managers, users can discuss about ABCC Exchange or Crypto related topics here. 

Check it out here 

ABCC In Moscow
Shawn, our Business Development Director attended the Blockchainlife conference held in Moscow recently! 

Our team met up with many projects and we are still in discussions on potential partnerships.

As our Russia market is comparatively developed, we are exploring ways to expand by forming partnerships with projects and Russian Key Opinion Leaders. Stay updated on this! 

Upcoming ABCC Developments

We are excited to share with you the upcoming developments we have for the near term! You can expect these updates 2–3 months from now. 

ABCC Hive – Tasuki IEO
This November will be the IEO launch of Tasuki, a Japanese project that utilizes Blockchain technology for the end-of-life industry.

Issues such as inheritance dispute and insurance claims have been existing in the industry for a long time. By using Blockchain technology, the Tasuki project works to eliminate these issues and strengthen the bonds of familial relations. 

The IEO launch is expected to launch soon and more details on the project will be shared with you.

OTC Platform Launch
While there are currently many avenues to carry out Over The Counter (OTC) trades, we find that there is still a space for an option that offers traders ease of mind and reasonable fees.

ABCC will be launching an OTC platform that offers this option to users.  

As work is currently still in progress, we are unable to share more on this right now. Please look forward to it!

ABCC Referral Program Revamp
By focusing on liquidity for key trading pairs, we want to take this opportunity to revamp our current referral program. 

While the current referral program offers ambassadors strong earning potential, it does not cater well to ambassadors who refer users that trade infrequently. 

We are going to revamp our referral program to cater to these ambassadors. Instead of earning the trading fee based on your referred users trading, you will earn a one-time referral fee for referring a new user. 

Singapore Market Expansion
Despite being a Singapore based exchange, we have not worked on building our presence here thus far. By proving itself as a Blockchain friendly jurisdiction, Singapore provides a conducive environment for us to operate. 

Starting from next year we will be working on building our presence in this market to be in line with our positioning as a Singapore based exchange

Step by Step Together

Lastly, thank you for supporting ABCC Exchange, especially for those of you who have been with us since the beginning. 

Due to the ever-changing nature of the Crypto world, we have made changes to stay competitive given these changes. 

We believe that this new direction will place us in a strong position of expansion as the industry matures.

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