ABCC Hive IEO #3- Connectome

A new partnership, IEO mechanics and more on Connectome

Following the IEO of AIVIA and MenaPay project, we have heard feedback from our community and made improvements to the mechanics of our latest IEO, Connectome

As the saying goes, “Two is better than one”. For this Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) we are excited to be partnering with Chain X, an exchange based in Korea that offers KRW as a base currency. This partnership will extend our reach to the Korean market, an active community of users in the Cryptocurrency space. 

Read on to find out more about how this partnership will be carried out, the mechanics of this IEO and a brief introduction to the Connectome project. 

Why Partner With ChainX?

Huge South Korean Crypto Market

Image taken from pixabay

South Korea is arguably the third largest market in the Cryptocurrency field, behind the US and Japan despite having a smaller population size than other countries that are known to have a strong community of Crypto enthusiasts. 

Almost every conglomerate in South Korea has entered the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency field in various ways. The most notable examples being Samsung mass producing ASIC miners, the Galaxy S10 phone containing a Crypto walletand messaging giant Kakao sharing their plans to integrate a Crypto wallet for their 44 million users as well

So what does this mean for ABCC Exchange?

By targeting a community that has a strong demand for Cryptocurrency and that has a limited supply of Cryptocurrency offerings due to the ban of domestic ICOs, by launching an IEO to the South Korean market we will be meeting strong market demand from South Korean users. 

About ChainX
Chain X is an exchange with a strong focus on serving the South Korean market. By making KRW the base currency of the exchange, the exchange makes it easier for South Korean users to deposit and liquidate their assets on the exchange itself. 

As the first Korean exchange which NEO Global Capital invested in, ChainX is seeking mutual growth with the best cryptocurrency community. ChainX runs buyback and payback programs in order to share profits with their users. They are expanding rapidly by securing partnerships with global partners.

How This Partnership Will Work

40 Million CNTM tokens will be on sale for this IEO on both ABCC Exchange and ChainX exchange. As the lead of this IEO, ABCC Exchange will be offering 83% of CNTM tokens and ChainX Exchange the remaining 17% of CNTM tokens.

IEO will be carried out on 6th May on both exchanges, with the main differences between the two exchanges as shown below. 

IEO Mechanics 
For this IEO, CNTM tokens are priced at $0.015 for one CNTM token, with a minimum purchase amount of 60 USDT (4000 CNTM). Payment using USDT tokens reduces the price volatility of this IEO and we will continue to refine the mechanics to include the use of AT tokens in future IEOs.

The token release schedule is as follows

The batch release mechanism will better protect our users in the event of a massive price drop from a sell-off. Please note that distribution schedule of tokens is the same for both ABCC Exchange and ChainX Exchange.

About Connectome 

Calling an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot to book a table at your favourite restaurant. Communicating with a chatbot to process the refund for your shoes. These are just a few possibilities achieved through Virtual Human Agents (VHA), the primary product Connectome is developing on their platform. 

By integrating Blockchain, AI and AR Connectome intends to achieve these main points from the project 

  • VHAs with a human-like appearance and personality for deeper engagement
  • Ensure security and privacy of users data through Blockchain technology
  • Development of an SDK for developers to build VHAs on the platform
  • Creating a marketplace where VHAs are traded 

We will be sharing with you a more detailed analysis of the Connectome project, so please stay tuned!

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