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Sharing with you the advantages of this Japanese project

The passing of a loved one is a tough affair for anyone to go through. 

It is made tougher by post-death issues such as will disputes, contacting lost family members and handling of the deceased private data. 

Read on to find out how our latest IEO project provides a Blockchain solution to a massive industry that is seldom talked about. 

Current Problems With End-of-life Industry

Execution of wills
In a significant number of cases, inheritances that are meant for certain family members do not make it to them. This may be due to the lost contact of these family members. 

Furthermore, the will and inheritance information are held in the hands of third parties. This is a risk in itself, as the information is subjected to leak or is intentionally divulged.

Transfer of deceased’s digital data 
In this digital age where everyone holds some form of digital content (contacts, messages and photos etc) individuals will leave behind personal contents after they pass on. 

Handover of these digital contents to the deceased’s family members is cumbersome and lacks privacy.

Furthermore, the deceased may have wanted certain sensitive information to be deleted after passing on. This option is currently not available. 

The Tasuki Solution 

Tasuki uses Blockchain technology to create an all in one platform that solves the current issues in this industry. 

Family Tree Function
On the Tasuki platform, users can create their family tree, documenting births, marriages and deaths in the family. Users can save their family member’s contact details on the platform and be notified immediately in the event of a death.

Taken from Tasuki Whitepaper

This family tree will be saved on the Blockchain, ensuring its security. Any life events will be updated on the family tree upon verification. 

Furthermore, the transfer of inheritances will be distributed through smart contracts on the platform. In this way, the final wishes of the deceased are carried out properly. 

Transfer of digital artifacts
As mentioned previously, there is currently no option to handover or destroy the deceased’s digital content. 

The Tasuki platform provides users the option to set which data to handover to which family member. Or if he wishes to destroy and particular data. Also, the Tasuki platform facilitates the handover of non-monetary assets such as company control and pets. 

Before the execution of any pre-programmed action, a “key” such as a death certificate has to be programmed into the platform. Subsequently, the programmed actions will be executed.

Tasuki- An Extension Of Japanese Giants

The Tasuki project is in a business alliance with inisJ and Urban-funes corporation, two big companies in Japan. 

inisJ is a game development company in Japan and has released a slew of popular games for many gaming consoles and smartphones. Founded in 1997, the company offers art, music and video production services as well. 

Most notably, the company is expected to launch a game based on Neon Genesis Evangelion, a highly successful anime franchise. 

The second company, Urban-funes, is a major player in the Japanese funeral industry. They have a track record of handling 80,000 funeral cases out of Japan’s 1.4 Million cases. 

This creates a strong synergy between Tasuki and Urban-funes, giving Tasuki the initial traction it needs to launch.

By first launching in Japan, a country with an ageing population will give Tasuki a strong platform to achieve product-market fit. 

Tasuki IEO Launch Details

There will be two waves of IEO for the TSK token, with the earlier phase offering more bonus tokens. The details are as follows:

Commencement: 15th Nov 2019, 15:00 (UTC+8)
Total supply: 375,000,000 TSK
Minimum Buy-in: 25 USDT
Listing pair: USDT will be accepted for this IEO and the subsequent trading pair will be TSK/USDT upon listing. 

Phase 1
– Date: 15th November — 24th November
– IEO Price: 1 TSK = 0.4495 USDT
– Bonus tokens: 10% of committed funds
– TSK Tokens for sale: 1,025,000 TSK

Phase 2
– Date: 2nd December — 12th December
– IEO Price: 1 TSK = 0.5345 USDT
– Bonus tokens: 5% of committed funds
– TSK Tokens for sale: 1,025,000 TSK

TSK Token Distribution Schedule 
To eliminate downward pressure of prices, the release schedule of TSK tokens after IEO will be as follows
– 15% by 20th Dec 2019
– 21.25% by 31st Jan 2020
– 21.25 by 29th Feb 2020
– 21.25% by 31st March 2020
– 21.25% by 30th April 2020

As a form of commitment to IEO investors, the team token allocation will be locked up for one year from IEO. 

Stay tuned for this IEO!

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