ABCC In Vietnam- As It Happened

What happened during our trip and our plans for Vietnam 

Cryptocurrency is at a crossroads in Vietnam. While regulation towards Cryptocurrency has not been crystal clear, that has not stopped the Blockchain community from growing rapidly. 

And it is this massive potential of the Vietnam market that drew us to explore expansion in this market.  

Recently, our team visited the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and spoke to KOLs, publications and other Blockchain companies.

Read on for a recap and our plans for this market! 

Vietnam Market At A Glance

While Vietnam is already one of the largest Cryptocurrency markets in Southeast Asia, it is still developing.

The same can be said for the marketing scene!

Everyone seems to know everyone in the Vietnam market, from the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to prominent Blockchain companies. 

At Cointimes Summit In Vietnam

This consolidation of the Vietnam marketing field serves to benefit all parties involved, with new entrants only needing to work with one agency to get access to the rest of the market. 

We met with Coin68, Beecast, BigcoinVN, Kingchain Media and more.

With Zane from Coin68

Having met many projects and marketing agencies that were present at the Cointimes Summit confirms that Vietnam is a market that will only continue to grow. 

Our Future Plans In Vietnam

As an exchange based in Singapore, the Southeast Asian market is one of our key priority for expansion. Already one of the biggest market in the region and with the potential to grow even more, this is a market not to be missed.

Therefore we will be entering the Vietnam market this year and grow our community in Vietnam! 

Furthermore, we will host campaigns and AMAs with KOLs and our community, so please keep a lookout and share with your friends in Vietnam! 

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