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Introducing AIVIA, the first project launched on ABCC Hive 

The financial asset industry, a USD $69.1 trillion markethas been accessible to a relatively small group of people. High commission fees, asymmetric information and lack of access to retail investors have contributed to this scenario. 

Blockchain technology makes it possible to directly connect investors with companies and hedge funds. Together with real-time monitoring of company metrics, the AIVIA project intends to create a platform where it is easy for retail investors to invest in promising start-ups or companies with small market capitalization. 

Read on for more information regarding the AIVIA project and how you can take part in the AIVIA IEO on 19 April.

AIVIA Protocol- Connecting Investors, Companies and Fund Managers

The AIVIA platform consists mainly of investors, companies looking to raise funds and hedge fund managers. An overview of the ecosystem can be seen below

Taken from AIVIA Whitepaper 

Investor on the AIVIA platform
As mentioned previously, retail investors have limited accessibility to investments in smaller companies as well as access to the services of hedge funds. With the AIVIA platform, investors now have an opportunity to invest in the company’s assets by purchasing ERC20 tokens that represent these assets. 

These tokens will be purchased through AIV, the platform’s native token. Investors who wish to liquidate their investments will receive AIV tokens based on the exchange rate at the time of transaction. This is in improvement compared to the prolonged liquidation process of traditional assets. 

Investors will be updated in real time with statistics related to their investments, such as the liquidity index, the number of tokens in reserve and the project’s capital in relation to the total portfolio. As an investor, you will receive reports analyzing the performance of funds for users to review. 

Multiple Funds on AIVIA 
The AIVIA project intends to host six different types of funds, such as the Crypto hedge fund, Closed-end Investment funds and Venture Capital funds. While there are different goals for each type of fund, the platform has overlapping features that powers the function of each fund. 

Investors will transfer AIV or USD pegged tokens to the fund, and can liquidate by selling tokenized shares back to the fund. Holders of Venture Capital Funds tokens hold the power to vote on decisions, with investors that hold a higher amount having greater voting power. 

How Are Company Shares Tokenized?

When it comes to the sale of company shares, compliance is required in almost every jurisdiction. To facilitate the sale of company shares on the AIVIA platform, AIVIA uses the following model. 

Firstly, a Specialized Purpose Vehicle’s (SPV) managing company will create a new legal entity for the issuance of tokens. This legal entity is known as the Token Issuing Entity (TIE) 

In this example, ABC, Inc wants to tokenize and sell 30% of its company shares. This is done by transferring 30% of its assets to the TIE, which in turn issues tokens on the AIVIA platform that represents the assets of ABC, Inc. 

Investors interested in acquiring tokens representing the company assets will need to transfer AIV or USD pegged tokens. Conversely, they will receive AIV tokens when liquidating their assets with the funds. 

AIV Tokenomics 

The main utility of the AIV token is to be a medium of transfer to facilitate transactions on the AIVIA platform. Users will transfer AIV tokens to the funds they have an interest in investing and receive AIV tokens after liquidating the shares. Dividends and commissions will also be paid in AIV tokens to the respective parties. 

In addition, AIVIA intends to create a marketplace in the future for the trading of goods and services offered by the companies that are listed on the platform. This will provide an additional utility function for the AIV token. 

AIVIA Team and Roadmap

Led by CEO Colin Breeze, the AIVIA team members come from diverse backgrounds and possess strong experience in their individual expertise. The majority of the team members have experience working in the IT or fund management sector. A deep understanding of how fund management works is essential to running the ecosystem that has 6 different funds.

Colin himself is a founder of Breeze Ventures, a family investment firm that advises pre-public firms in their offering processes and help to manage their relationship with outside counsel. Colin has experience advising Blockchain startups as well, having deep expertise in this field. 

AIVIA is a project that has been two years in the making, with the beta version fo their product released recently. The team has previously worked on R&D for atomic transactions and deployment of templates for financial projects. 

Having completed the initial development of the platform, the team will be focusing more on building tools for users, custodian matters and launch of main net. 

In Summary

Despite the presence of many players in the financial industry, it can be argued that no solution has yet to emerge to provide decentralized financial services. With a strong proof of concept for the ecosystem and launch of its beta version, AIVIA has a strong chance to emerge as a dominant player in this market. 

Disclaimer: The above article is a brief overview of the AIVIA project and is in no way an endorsement of AIV from ABCC Exchange or financial advice in any form. Users are reminded to carry out their own due diligence and execute trades based on their research and risk tolerance.

Take Part In AIVIA’s IEO  

AIVIA is the first project of ABCC Hive 

AIVIA’s IEO will be launched on 19th April, 12:00 (UTC+8)on ABCC Hive! Here are the main points you should take note of: 

  • You must be a registered userof ABCC Exchange
  • Only AT tokensare accepted for this IEO
  • 80 Million AIV tokensare for sale in this IEO 
  • 1,000 ATis the minimum purchase amount required to take part in this IEO
  • Only multiples of 1,000 AT will be accepted. For example, if you deposited 1,200 AT in the contract balance, only 1,000 AT will be accepted, with the remainder refunded to you
  • Users who purchase first 16 Million AIV will receive 10% bonus. Users who purchase the next 16 Million batch of AIV will receive 5% bonus 

Rest assured that we will share with you all the details regarding the IEO process very soon. In the meantime, get ready for launch date! 

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