AT Token- New Features Explained

Sharing with you current and upcoming features of AT

Hi everyone,

We have reached the moment you have been looking forward to- New features of the AT token! 

As mentioned in our ABCC 2.0 article, stopping AT dividends to focus our resources on new features and other aspects of the platform was one focus of our plan. 

While the AT holding rewards is decommissioned from the platform today, fret not as we have new features of AT that will be launched in the coming 2–3 weeks. 

Read on for more details! 

The AT Ecosystem

With regards to the new AT ecosystem, there will be 4 new categories. While each category offers a different value to you, they all have something in common.

The more AT you hold, the greater the benefits you get

Each category will have a tier system and your tier placement will be based on the amount of AT tokens you hold on the platform. 

Let us look at each category in more detail. 

AT Privilege Program
In case you have forgotten, we still have the AT Privilege Program

This campaign reward multiplier program gives AT token holders more rewards from each campaign on the platform (unless otherwise stated) 

Tier system

As seen in the table above, users who have more than 40,000 lowest AT holdings over that week will receive 40% additional rewards

In addition to earning more from trading campaigns, the benefits for AT holders do not stop here.

ABCC Weekly Quest Platform
We are bringing all our campaigns and quests onto a single platform where you can carry out all the tasks and everything else is automated. 

While running programs such as the Weekly ABCC Campaigns (WAC) gives you campaigns to take part in on a weekly basis, there are some limitations to these campaigns. 

For example, some time is required to collate the results as well as distribute the rewards to you. Calculation of rewards is not in real time. 

With this new platform, weekly quests and tasks will be released, with each tier eligible for a different number of tasks. Tiering will be based on the amount of AT tokens held by you.

The quests will be simple tasks, such as trading, deposit, holding tokens, marketing and referral. 

Furthermore, avatar features and more are under consideration to add to the gamification platform, so please stay tuned!

Airdrop To AT Holders
New project listings are always looking to airdrop their tokens to our users, and this is a new feature that we have included for AT holders. 

Soon, AT token holders will have priority in receiving airdrop tokens. Again, the distribution of airdrop tokens will be allocated based on the tier you belong to. 

Each tier will be allocated a different airdrop pool and the amount of tokens airdropped to individual users is in proportion to amount of AT tokens held. 

For example, you are in the Elite Tier and the airdrop pool is $600 for your tier, while the airdrop pool for the Prestige Tier is $300. There are 10 winners for each tier. 

Out of this $600 airdrop pool, you have a higher chance of being one of the 10 winners based on the amount of AT tokens you “staked”. 

Once confirmed, eligible users will automatically receive tokens from airdrop campaigns in their ABCC account. 

Trading Fee Discount 
Last but most definitely not the least, the trading fee discount will be implemented! Similar to the AT privilege program, this will be tiered based on the amount of AT tokens held by you. 

Simply put, The higher the number of AT tokens held, the higher your trading fee discount!

Full details will be released soon, so please stay updated on developments in this front.

In Summary 

The team is always looking to add more value to AT token holders, and AT will continue to be an integral part of the ABCC ecosystem. 

We thank you for your continuous support and patience as we roll out these new features in the near term. Please continue to support ABCC Exchange!


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