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“How much ad revenue can you earn from a YouTube video that receives 1 Million Views?’ 

Answer: Around $300 to $2,000

According to this article by Looxcie, an average YouTuber earns $1.50 — $3.00 per 1,000 views. In most cases, especially for smaller YouTube channels, this is not enough to even cover the costs of video production. 

While this is not to place blame on YouTube, many centralized content platforms have been benefiting from having a monopoly in this field. Furthermore, as more content producers enter the market, market saturation makes it difficult for new entrants to stand out. 

Since the introduction of Blockchain technology, P2P content platforms are seen as one way to bring more parity to revenue sharing and spread attention to less well-known content creators. 

Read on to find out how the Vibravid platform provides this solution for content creators and users of the platform. 

Vibravid- A Decentralized Content Platform

P2P content sharing where content creators are paid directly from viewers has not been a concept discussed amongst many. 

Until Blockchain technology came along. 

Vibravid is a multi-chain platform where content creators can upload, market and directly sell their content directly to users. Users, on the other hand, can choose which content they would like to view and whether they would like to view adverts and be compensated for it. 

Content Creators On Vibravid
Under the Vibravid platform, content creators can choose to set a fee for each download or stream of their content. This ensures that content creators are better compensated as compared to creating content on centralized platforms. 

Furthermore, to bring visibility to content creators, the Vibravid platform offers a dashboard where creators can set up bounties to incentivize users to view their content and earn Beatzcoin, the platform’s native token.  

Lastly, creators can create crowdfunded projects and sell merchandise to users directly on the platform, directly engaging with their community. 

Users On Vibravid
Like other decentralized content platforms, users on Vibravid have the option to turn on advertisement viewing and earn Beatzcoin (BTZC). 

The Vibravid platform’s UI

Besides earning from viewing advertisements, users can also take part in bounty programs. Paid bounty programs will require users to pool together a small amount of BTZC tokens to earn a larger amount. This creates a vibrant ecosystem of engaged users and creators who are rewarded fairly. 

Integration With TRON Protocol

The Vibravid project is strongly connected with the TRON protocol, one of the top few Blockchain projects in the space. This firstly seen in how a TRON wallet is created when a user signs up on the platform. 

To realize their vision of a decentralized platform, Vibravid will use the BitTorrent protocol that was acquired by TRON this year. By using the BitTorrent protocol, files are shared and accessed on distributed devices. 

This ensures decentralization of the platform without compromising on storage space, as the BitTorrent protocol has proven to be able to handle the transfer of files with large size. 

Furthermore, Misha Lederman, the CCO of the Vibravid project is a Blockchain consultant and has advised many projects within the TRON ecosystem. 

This strong affiliation with the TRON project serves to increase the credibility of the project. 

BTZC Tokenomics

According to the Beatzcoin Whitepaper, there are 3 Billion BTZC tokens in total. BTZC is used primarily as a token for the transaction between users and creators. 

Users have the option to stake their tokens through Proof Of Locked Stake (POLS) and earn interest. This will reduce circulating supply and lessen selling pressures. Based on figures from TronScan, there are approximately 706 Million circulating BTZC tokens as of 26th November 2019. 

In Conclusion 

Following the monetization of content platforms, creators have been earning less than their fair share of compensation for their work. Vibravid is a platform that works towards solving this problem, connecting creators directly with users. By integrating with the BitTorrent protocol, decentralization is not sacrificed for speed. 

Stay tuned for the BTZC listing on ABCC Exchange happening on Friday, 29th November! 

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