F.A.Q. по реферальной программе ABCC

[FAQ] ABCC Ambassador Program

Answering commonly asked questions by our community 

Dear user,

Thank you for supporting our referral program! Since the launch of our referral program, we have received questions from the community regarding the mechanics of the program. Below is a list of commonly asked questions and our answers. 

  • Q: “Will I receive AT rewards based on the trading volume of my referred users?”
    A: If you are an AT holder you will receive what other AT holders receive. However, the trading fee of referred users will not be counted towards the pool for AT holders 
  • Q: “What is the time period for calculating the trading volume in tier allocation?”
    A: The tier volume you are in is dependent on the cumulative trading volume of your referred users. This means that once your referred users have accumulated the required trading volume for a tier you will stay in that tier
  • Q: “Why is my commission so low? The trading volume of my referred users is way higher”
    A: Commission is calculated from the trading fees of your referred users, not from the trading volume. Trading volume is only used to allocate you according to the tier  
  • Q: “If my referred users do not have any trading volume will I be removed from the program?” 
    A: Ambassadors without any commission within the first two weeks will be downgraded to the basic tier. Ambassadors with no activity for a long period of time may be removed from the program entirely
  • Q: “In what tokens will I receive my commission?”
    A: Tokens will be received in the base currencies- BTC, ETH, USDT and TRX. This is dependent on which base currency your referred users trade in. If they trade in multiple currencies you will receive these different currencies as commission
  • Q: “Why have I not received my commission?”
    A: Payment is carried out once a week. Please contact our customer service team if you have not received your commission after 5 business days
  • Q: “I have submitted my application but have not received any news for a few days?”
    A: We receive many applications each week, and will need time to process these applications. Please contact our customer service team if you have not received your commission after 5 business days

Did we manage to answer all your questions? If you have any questions please contact our customer service team on our official Telegram groupor through email at contact@abcc-inc.com. Recruitment for ambassadors is still ongoing. 

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