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Introducing the Decimated project and DIO token to you

Earn money while you are playing a game like in the movie “Ready Player One”. While this may seem to be a dystopian future, it has been made possible with Blockchain technology, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. 

Coincidentally, Blockchain technology is a natural solution in making this dystopian future reality as users can now earn Cryptocurrency while playing games that are built on the Blockchain. 

Unique avatars and other virtual items built by users can now be safely stored on the Blockchain and traded between users with the in-game Cryptocurrency as the form of exchange. These transactions are transparent on the Blockchain and reduce any form of transaction disputes.  

Read on to find out more about the Decimated gameplay and how you can use DIO tokens on the platform. 

Decimated- A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game 

Earth has been destroyed. Civilization has fallen. After neglecting the effects of climate change, the catastrophic consequences have caught up with humanity, with cities decimated and criminals left to live in abandoned cities. 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the world of Decimated consists of two factions- Human citizens and Cyborg corps. According to the Decimated Whitepaper, users will start off as human citizens and can be selected to be a Cyborg cop after going through training and following the rules. 

You may find the trailer for the game below 

The main aim of this game is for users to survive and earn the DIO token by carrying out the following actions:

  • Exploring and salvaging cryptocurrency and technology
  • Undertaking legal or illegal jobs with varying risk/reward
  •  Hijacking shipments/ambushing convoys
  •  Escorting shipments and protecting them
  •  Collecting bounties by imprisoning/killing players and target NPC’s
  •  Breaking prisoners out of imprisonment for a reward
  •  Buying/selling/trading items to other players or on the virtual market

Graphics and Blockchain features

The game will be created on Unreal Engine 4, a platform where world-class games have been built on. Fortniteand Injusticeare just two popular games that have been built on this platform and have showcased outstanding graphics and gameplay. 

For more information on the gameplay please refer to the Decimated Whitepaper.

The platform will be run on the Halo platform, a hard fork from Ethereum specially designed for online multiplayer games. According to Decimated, the Halo platform can handle more than 5,000 transactions per second, instrumental for smooth gameplay. 

The blockchain will be secured through Proof-of-Stake (PoS) 

DIO Tokenomics 

The DIO token is an ERC-20 token and has a total supply of 1 Billion tokens that are pre-minted at the genesis block. Primarily used as a means of payment on the platform, the design of the token economy is meant to manage the inflow and outflow of tokens from users, with the token becoming more scarce as more users are actively engaged in the game. 

Users will be rewarded with DIO tokens by successfully referring new users to the game and completing missions their characters were tasked to do. In contrast, users will have DIO debited from their accounts when using in-game services such as paying for fast travel and transaction fees with vendors and other players. 

In Summary 

Blockchain technology has made earning from gaming a possibility for not only pro gamers but for the amateur player as well. However, limitations in the technological infrastructure and gameplay have resulted in slow progress on this front.

By building the Decimated game on Unreal Engine 4 and the Halo platform, the Decimated project seems well positioned to build a game that is up to market standard. 

Disclaimer: The above article is a brief overview of the Decimated project and is in no way an endorsement of DIO from ABCC Exchange or financial advice in any form. Users are reminded to carry out their own due diligence and execute trades based on their research and risk tolerance.

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