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Introducing Membrana, the latest IEO project launched on ABCC Hive

“Chaos is a ladder” 

While certainly not everyone will recognise this famous quote from the recently ended Game of Thrones series, this quote can be applied to the Cryptocurrency market. With such a high level of price volatility experienced by all in the market, many users have seen huge losses. 

However, despite the many losses, there are pro traders who can claim to have consistently profited from this volatile market. Some of these pro traders are now looking for another revenue source- Managing the funds of others and sharing the profits gained from trades. 

With this comes a win-win opportunity. Users who are not familiar with the Cryptocurrency market can hand the trading role to an experienced trader, and the experienced trader can earn profits without putting in additional capital. 

How do you verify the track record of experienced traders? Who will be managing the funds? How do we enforce the terms of an initial agreement? The Membrana project provides a solution to these problems. Read on to learn more! 

The Membrana Concept 

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In essence, the Membrana platform only consists of two players- The investor and the trader. The investor provides the funds for the trader to make profits and the trader will share in on the profits made from trades executed. 

The aim of the Membrana platform is to facilitate transactions between the investor and trader in a secure and reliable way by utilizing Blockchain technology. 

User Journey Illustrated 
Let us illustrate the Membrana concept with an example. For this example we have Alice and Bob. Alice is an investor and wants to invest in Cryptocurrencies. However, she understands that this is a volatile asset class and wants a more experienced trader to trade on her behalf. 

Bob is an experienced trader in the market and uses the Membrana platform as he has access to different Cryptocurrency exchanges in real time and can take advantage of any arbitrage opportunities. 

Based on his level of confidence and desired earnings, Bob publishes a contract on the platform with the full details of his terms for investors that wants to hire him for any trading gigs (Minimum investment amount, target profit and trading commission etc.) 

Alice comes across Bob’s contract and assesses other aspects of Bob as a trader, such as his past trades and reputation before deciding that Bob is a trader she wants to work with. She then submits her application and deposits the minimum amount required into her exchange account as well as add an API key on the Membrana platform. 

After trading for a period of time, Bob manages to earn the target profit set out in the contract and receives his commission. Alice receives a profit from the trade as well, minus the commission and both parties are happy. 

Features Of Membrana Platform

In addition to the features shared through the above example, there are other integral features of the Membrana platform to benefit both Trader and Investor. 

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Security Of Funds
At no point in time are the investor funds transferred to the trader. Trading is carried out through API, with the investor’s API keys transferred to the Membrana database. Each transaction is carried out by the exchange API using API keys owned by the trader. 

Additional Platform Features 
In addition to the security offered by the platform, Membrana offers other features to protect the interests of both traders and investors. Stop-loss would be one such feature, whereby if the price of the portfolio drops below a certain point trading would stop and the investor will receive a refund of her funds. 

Conversely, the trader’s interests are protected as well. If the trading amount ever drops below the amount transferred for management, the contract automatically expires and the trader will receive her commission in full. 

MBN Tokenomics 

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The Membrana token (MBN) is an ERC-20 compliant token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The MBN token model has been designed to serve several principal objectives.

The goal is to link Membrana’s Platform functionality with a token that incentivizes platform use and also provide external token scaling. Specifically, the token is intended to create a rich, participatory ecosystem where platform users have an active interest in the platform.

This is accomplished by giving the token different kind of utilities (as can be seen in the image above), which offers interacting with the platform and with other users directly. 

Additionally, there are multiple stacking features, which allows users to receive rewards, benefits and governance of community operated fund. Customers are encouraged to stack tokens or use tokens as a payment method providing organic growth of token ecosystem.

There are two different reward levels for stacking. For the first level, users will receive MBN tokens by committing a certain amount of MBN tokens to the platform. 

For the second level, the user will have access to a Community Operated Fund (COF) The COF is a pool of digital assets from the Membrana community and external investors for traders to manage and earn profits. 

For full details on the Membrana Tokenomics, please visit their Tokenomics section

In Summary

There are huge profits to be made in trading Cryptocurrency- If you are an experienced trader. As an investor, the Membrana platform provides you with the opportunity to assess traders based on their past cases while being in full control of your funds. 

If you are a trader, the use of smart contracts for transactions ensures that you are paid the agreed upon commission upon hitting the target profit. The Membrana platform gives the trader access to various Cryptocurrency Exchanges in real time as well as tools for the best trading experience. 

$600,000 has been raised during Membrana’s private sale to investors that include Coinbar and FirstBlock Ventures. In addition, Membrana has recently concluded their first IEO with ProBit exchange and will be listing the MBN token at the same time as ABCC Exchange.

Take Part In Membrana IEO 

The Membrana IEO will be launched on 3 June, 12:00 (GMT+8)! Out of the 1 Billion total supply of MBN tokens, 40 Million MBN tokens will be sold for this IEO in two waves. 1 MBN token is equivalent to 0.015 USDT, with the bonus scheme as follows:

  • 12% for first 10,000,000 MBN (1st wave)
  • 8% for next 10,000,000 MBN (2nd wave)
  • 5% for next 10,000,000 MBN (2nd wave)
  • Last 10,000,000 MBN without bonus

Take part in the Membrana IEO today! For more information, please refer to the full announcement.

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