Live Now- AT New Features

A guide to how you can take part in the AT ecosystem

Dear user,

Good news! New features for AT tokens are finally live on ABCC Exchange. 

Recently, we published an article “AT Token- New Features Explained” where we shared with you our plans for ABCC’s native token. In summary, the message was simple- The more AT tokens you hold, the greater the benefits you enjoy. 

Now that all the new features are live on the ABCC platform, we want to share with you the details of each feature. 

Read on to find out how you benefit as an AT token holder! 

AT Trading Discount

One of the most anticipated new features for AT token holders is the trading fee discounts you enjoy. 

To be more precise, AT token holders will enjoy a trading rebate every week. Let us use the following scenario to illustrate how this works:

  • From Monday to Sunday this week, your  trading fee amounts to 0.1 ETH and 10 XRP
  • Based on your AT holdings, you belong to the Elite Tier and will receive a 40% trading fee rebate
  • On the following week, you will receive 0.04 ETH and 4 XRP in your ABCC account! 

The amount of rebate is dependent based on the AT privilege tier you are in, as shown in the table below.

Please note that you will only receive trading rebates on the following week based on your trading fees from the previous week. With that, let’s move on to the next feature, our weekly quests for you.

ABCC Weekly Quest

Some of you may have noticed the new “Weekly Task” section under “Asset Management” this week. This is gives you access to weekly tasks which you can earn rewards from upon completion!

As seen in the screenshot of the dashboard below, there will be a variety of tasks you can complete to secure points. 

These tasks are typically deposit, trade and social media shares, with different items rewarding you with different points. 

Users in the Regular to Elite tier can participate in the first 4 tasks, while the last 3 tasks are only limited to Prestige and Eliter tier users. 

For every 100 points you accumulate, you will receive 100 AT tokens in your ABCC account as rewards! Please take note that rewards will only be distributed in denominations of 100 points. 

For example, if you managed to secure 150 points last week, you will only be rewarded for the first 100 points you secured. To receive additional rewards, you will need to secure another 50 points to reach a total of 200 points. 

As of now, quests will only counted as completed if executed in one action. For example, the first quest shown above is to deposit more than 300 USDT. If you deposit more than 300 USDT in one transaction, you will earn 20 points. 

However, if you make two transactions that amount to be more than 300 USDT it will not be counted. 

We are currently working on development to make tasks cumulative, and we thank you for your patience on this.  

Airdrops and Multiplier Program

Last but not least, we still have new listing airdrops and the rewards multiplier program for AT token holders. 

This has been ongoing for some time, with the rewards program applicable for our WAC campaigns and the recent EM airdrop for Elite Tier token holders. 

As more campaigns and airdrops are announced, AT token holders will continue to benefit from these two features

Just Getting Started

While we currently have 4 new features for the AT token that are live, we will continue to work on new developments for AT. The main aim is to bring the maximum value to our AT token holder, so please look forward to more news!

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