Recap: ABCC x TRON Partnership

A timeline of our developments with TRON thus far

Bull or bear market, partnerships are always a great way to consolidate resources in the business world. Since announcing the start of our partnership with TRON at the start of the year, many key developments have taken place. Sharing with you a quick recap on what has went on so far. 

How It All Started (Jan 10)

Tweet can be found here

While the Crypto market started this year bearish, TRX performed exceptionally well. We then took this opportunity to share with you a teaser of what both ABCC and TRON had in store for you!

Of course, regardless of the price we would have made the announcement (but its always easier to announce something with a price increase, as you would probably agree) 

First TRC10 and TRC20 Listing (Feb 1) 

TRON CEO Justin Sun’s retweetof the news

Following the teaser, we begun the year by being the first (if not one of the first) exchange to list TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. 

VENA was the first TRC20 token to be listed on ABCC Exchange. This was followed by the listing of BTT and support for BTT airdrop, one of the most hyped tokens in the community. 

This was a significant step for TRON in realising their vision of a “Decentralized Web”, and also the cue for us to solidify our partnership by adding TRX as a base trading pair.  

TRX Added As Base Trading Pair (Mar 15)

Retweet by Justin Sun

With the addition of TRX as the base trading pair, ABCC users now have 4 different base trading pairs to trade on- BTC,ETH,USDT and TRX. 

5 new TRX trading pairs were swiftly added for trading on ABCC Exchange- BTT/TRXIGG/TRXSEED/TRXTERC/TRXand VENA/TRX

How many TRX trading pairs do you think we will add by the end of this year? TRON projects that want to list on ABCC Exchange can apply for listing here

We celebrated this event by hosting a TRON candy box giveaway, giving out 5 super candy boxes (Worth 2 Mil TRX each) and 500 ordinary candy boxes (Worth 2,000 TRX each)

ABCC Supports USDT-TRON (Mar 27)  

Stable coins have been touted as a key step in pushing for adoption of Cryptocurrencies. ABCC will support the TRC20-based USDT token jointly issued by TRON and USDT. 

Stay tuned for the update on how we will support the USDT-TRON incentive plan. 

Wrapping It Up 

Only for now! 

We have more upcoming developments and will share them with you once it has been finalised. Which TRON project do you think we should list next? Let us know.

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