ABCC Zero Fee API Trading

One of the lowest trading fee you will ever experience

In the Cryptocurrency space, API trading is common amongst all exchanges and offers a huge level of liquidity to traders. However, due to the high volumes of trade executed, API traders face significant trading costs to be paid to exchanges. 

If you are an API trader yourself, the following trading fees is something you are familiar with. 

Gemini Exchange, a reputable exchange in New York charges 0.35% and 0.1% taker and maker fee for trading volume below $1 Million under their API fee schedule. 

Taken from Gemini Exchange Website

Another major exchange, Bitstamp charges a 0.2% unified trading fee to traders that trade less than $400,000 a month. 

So where does that leave ABCC Exchange?

Close To Zero Trading Fee On ABCC Exchange

For a limited period of time, we are opening up the Zero Fee API Trading Program! Under this program, you can choose to be charged zero fees for either Maker OR Taker fees. Depending on your choice, you will be charged only 0.1% fees for either maker or taker. 

The requirements to be part of the program are as follows:
– Trading volume 2 weeks after on-boarding to be at least $50,000
– Initially limited to the following trading pairs:BTC/USDTBTC/ETH , ETH/USDT and XRP/USDT

The number of traders accepted into the program will initially be capped at 20 traders that enjoy zero fees for maker or taker each

Why You Should Apply

So who should apply for this program? Answer: If you trade more than $100,000 worth of BTC or ETH, you should apply. 

Let us use an example to illustrate why. 

Assume that you trade $500,000 worth of BTC and ETH in a month. An exchange charges you 0.2% for both maker and taker fees (A common fee structure for most exchanges) 

Under the scenario that you execute both maker and taker fees equally, your fees will add up to approximately $1,000. This is a substantial amount that you will have to pay monthly, reducing your profits made from trading.

Now if we were to take the same parameters under the ABCC API Trading Program, your trading fees will be approximately $250! Furthermore, this figure is likely to be lower as you can choose whether you want maker or taker fees to be zero according to your trading strategy. 

Any Other Initiatives To look Forward To?

We have limited the number of applicants accepted into the program as we want to ensure the quality of API traders. However, we do understand that there will be many applicants who are outside the selected 40 API traders. 

If you face this situation, fret not! 

In situations whereby API traders fail to meet the monthly volume requirements, API traders who are on the waitlist will replace them. 

Furthermore, we are looking into launching a rebate program where API traders who are not accepted can join, giving you discounted fees when you do API trading. 

We are in the midst of launching new changes to our referral program and new initiatives as well, so please stay tuned!

We Are Open For Application Now 

If you find that you fit the bill nicely for this program, apply now! We are accepting applications from now till August. 

Applicants who are accepted into the program will be contacted within one week of applying, with selection carried out on a rolling basis. As we process applications on a first-come-first-served basis, apply now so as not to miss out!

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